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Shen Yuan Foodstuffs Co., Ltd also known as Shen Yuan Fishball or you can call it SY Fishball in short has come a long way since its beginning in Singapore. From manufacturing of 2 products mainly Original Fishball and Fishcake, we have increased our variety of products such as Fuzhou Fishball, Mala Fishball and even ventured into Singapore Hawker Ready-to-eat Meals to allow Singaporeans staying overseas have a taste of home without compromising on authenticity and quality.


Shen Yuan Fishball

We have an excellent reputation throughout the country, where our products are available at various quality restaurants, food stalls and food kiosks. While maintaining the heritage taste, our continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, people, and processes to provide excellence and added value for our customers. Shen Yuan is slowly establising itself as a heiritage brand of Singapore food overseas. We have now expanded to Australia and Thailand with more to come.


“Shen Yuan We have an excellent reputation throughout the country.”

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